Yard Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Storm Season

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When angry skies open up, the aftermath isn’t always a pretty picture, especially in your yard. Between fallen branches, flood debris, and rearranged patio furniture, yard maintenance can quickly turn from a peaceful pastime to a headache. With a little planning though, you can sit back, relax, and watch the clouds roll by.

Yard Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Storm Season

This summer, arm yourself with these preventative yard maintenance tips as you keep an eye on the weather forecast:

  1. Prune Any Dead or Loosely Hanging Tree Limbs. Dead or loosely hanging tree limbs can easily crash down in a storm. Walk around your property and inspect all trees, looking up for branches that appear damaged, diseased, or poised to fall. If you spot any worrisome limbs, call a professional to properly prune trees. This proactive step will reduce much of the post-storm yard cleanup.
  2. Inspect Your Gutters and Drains. You’ll also want to ensure proper drainage before the rains arrive. Clogged gutters tend to overflow with rainwater, while blocked drains with debris will contribute to your yard flooding. Such drainage issues may result in yard erosion, not to mention foundation damage to your home. Scoop out leaves or hire a professional to clear blockages.
  3. Clear Any Loose Junk/Debris in Your Yard. Furthermore, do a yard walkthrough to pick up any loose debris that could become dangerous projectiles in high winds. Simple actions like hauling junk and clearing twigs will also tidy up your landscape in the process.
  4. Hire a Yard Maintenance Professional. Finally, consider hiring a professional yard maintenance service to give your property a pre-storm season tune-up. Besides saving you the time and labor, their expert eye will help uncover any risks you may have overlooked in prior yard maintenance tasks.