Why You Can Trust Us with Your Yard Maintenance [infographic]

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Keeping up with yard maintenance is easier said than done for a lot of homeowners, but what if you didn’t have to handle it all by yourself? Our team at Junk Busters is more than capable of addressing your yard maintenance needs, including bush trimming, debris removal, leaf removal, and more. We’re attentive to details and care about each customer individually, so you can trust us with your yard maintenance.

Why You Can Trust Us with Your Yard Maintenance

  • Quality- We take the necessary steps to truly provide a professional service. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to work efficiently and thoroughly to provide exceptional results. We also comply with all local, state, and federal legislation.
  • Environment- While we clean up your immediate environment around your home, we strive to do what’s right for the environment at large. We dispose of all organic and non-organic debris in a responsible manner to avoid polluting the earth and to be good stewards.
  • Passion- It gives us pleasure to assist people who need extra help with their yard maintenance. We’re especially passionate about helping those who don’t have the means to do their own yard maintenance, such as the elderly. We’re all about doing good and providing honest, affordable service.
  • Community- We’re a locally owned business that is proud to serve the yard maintenance needs of individuals and families in the area. We’re also a veteran-owned business that cares about serving the military population in our community.

To schedule yard maintenance, contact our team today and request your free estimate.