4 Personal Projects That Could Use a Junk Hauling Trailer Rental

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Big household jobs usually involve disposing of items that require proper transport away from homes. However, endlessly stuffing the family car with junk and making endless trips isn’t realistic or safe. The solution? A junk hauling trailer rental, designed specifically for securely hauling junk and other equipment. Keep reading as we highlight four home projects that could use these affordable rentals.

Junk Hauling Trailer Rental in Jacksonville, North Carolina

  1. Garage Cleanout – If your garage has become a dumping ground for things you don’t want, cleaning it may mean safely removing loads of junk that are too scrappy to clear via a garage sale. A junk hauling trailer rental allows you to neatly cart them away in one fail-safe load, thus regaining your space.
  2. Backyard Transformation – A backyard makeover often begins with decluttering. Debris, outdated furniture, and broken garden equipment can all clutter up your yard and interfere with your vision for your outdoor sanctuary. With a junk hauling trailer, it becomes much easier to declutter your yard.
  3. Home Renovation Residue Removal – Are you starting a home renovation project? Whether you’re demolishing walls or replacing appliances, a junk hauling trailer rental can be your cleaning partner. You can effortlessly dispose of construction debris, redundant fixtures, and worn-out materials, leaving your house as good as new.
  4. Appliance Removal – Even one old refrigerator, stove, washer, or dryer is a challenging load for a standard car. Luckily, you can haul away these heavy household appliances securely with a junk hauling trailer rental, which is designed for bulky item transport.

The right junk hauling trailer makes disposal runs for all your home projects safer, more efficient, and compliant. And renting one on an as-needed basis keeps the solution affordable too! If you have an upcoming project requiring junk hauling, call us today at Junk Busters to book your rental.